Broiled Vegetable & Sausage Rustica with Diavola Sauce

Yum!  Dinner tonight was divine!  Who needs pasta anyway. 

I simply grilled some turkey Italian sausage to sear the outside, then let it simmer in a diavola (spicy marinara) sauce, while I tossed kale, zucchini, spinach, and mushrooms in some olive oil, sea salt, and minced garlic.  I spread the veggie mix out on a large cookie sheet and broiled them in the oven on high heat until the spinach was wilted, and kale started getting crispy edges–zucchini will still be al dente.  Sliced up the Italian sausage and served it in the sauce over the broiled vegetables.  Totally satisfying, and utterly delicious!   Then I had two squares of 82% Cacao Godiva dark chocolate for dessert–decadent!   Check it out below. *PS, I need a better camera.