Just keep swimming… and pitch the f@#cking scale!

Anyone who’s ever seen Nemo knows what my blog subject is all about.  Dorie spouts that annoying, yet endearing line over and over.  Whenever I get to a point when I’m frustrated, or have plateaued, I just sing that little line to myself. 

Well, I’ve been eating Paleo for 3 weeks now–totally screwed up this past weekend, but otherwise have done pretty well.  I’m getting ready to complete my 2nd week of Crossfit.  Haven’t lost any weight.  I do think that my body is looking better overall, but what can I say?  I’m a woman… I want to see the scale go lower and lower each time I stand on it, even it has only been 24 hours since that LAST time I stood on it.  🙂  

I’m seriously thinking about throwing away my scale.  It is my biggest enemy.  It tells me to just give up.  It tells me that I’m not working hard enough…that I don’t really care about myself… that I’m not good enough and never will be.  I mean, if I had a person standing there staring me in the face and telling me that, I’d get them out of my life, right? 

Okay, maybe I won’t throw away my scale.  Maybe I’ll just put it away and only bring it out once in a while, when I think it’s going to play nice and say things to me like, “Good job, girl!”  “Way to go!”  “Looking HOT!”  Let’s face it… if I’m watching my body change for the better, then it will eventually reflect on the scale… maybe not as quickly as I would like, but it will happen. 

So scale, scale, go away… come back another day–when I’m 50lbs lighter!  🙂



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