Pizza, Injury & Popcorn… WTH???

Well, this weekend was HORRIBLE for my Paleolifestyle!  Damn it!  I am so weak. 

Anyway, my kids wanted pizza on Friday, and they had done so well dealing with my new diet that I gave in.  Of course, I had some pizza.  Then, my kid is selling candy bars for baseball, so of course I had the dark chocolate almond (telling myself it was okay because it was dark chocolate).  The next day, I went to walk the Ravenel Bridge with my best friend, only to roll my ankle right before the walk— I walked anyway. 

I did have a fantastic lunch and at Five Loaves in Mount Pleasant–totally delicious and totally healthy.  Then dinner at Yamato’s, which was also pretty good because I didn’t have rice.  So I guess Saturday wasn’t terrible… BUT

Sunday, I went to see The Hunger Games with my kids and it just seemed like sacrilege to not have any popcorn.  I had the smallest size, but I did put extra butter.  Then my mom made my most favorite meal of all… Pork & Sauerkraut with Mashed Potatoes, and if I’d only just had the pork & kraut I would have been fine—but who can pass up mashed potatoes, right?  Then she had strawberry shortcake!!!!  Grrrrr…

Needless to say, I got on the scale this morning and one weekend of indulging completely ruined all of the progress I made over 2 weeks.  I was disgusted.  But, it just proved to me that I need to focus and not cheat–well, as much as possible.  And definitely not 3 days in a row! 

Tonight my WOD:

22# snatch 3 x 1/33# snatch 3 x 4

20″ box HSPU  21/15/9

Row 400m /300m/ 200m

Back on the straight and narrow!


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