Kale, it’s what’s for dinner, too… especially after Crossfit. Oh, did I mention how clear my skin is?

Tonight I had leg of lamb (totally delicious), broccoli, sauteed kale (in coconut oil), and a very small sweet potato.  The best part was hearing my kids go on and on about what a delicious meal it was.  Did I mention I also love hearing my 6 year old tell people, “We don’t eat at fast food anymore.  It’s not healthy for us… it will make us sick.”  And, he’s taken a genuine interest in our food choices, often asking me if we are making healthy ones.  And, despite Caleb being 16, he’s not having any problem eating the Paleo lifestyle. 

One of the BEST side effects of this diet is that my skin is FINALLY clear again.  It was so strange.  I had always had a peaches ‘n cream complexion until I had my youngest son… then suddenly I struggled with adult acne.  I almost always had some kind of outbreak, especially around my mouth and chin (sexy, right?)  Right now, my skin is clearer than it’s been in YEARS!  And, all it took was eliminating grains, dairy and legumes.   I’m never going back!

Here’s the meal I delivered to my family this evening:


33# Push Press/250m Row x 5 rounds for time = 13:42mins



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