Slipping with food… picking back up with exercise

So, I can admit that my eating hasn’t been 100% Paleo the last few days.  It tends to get difficult when you’re pressed for time and need to go out to eat.  Despite all of that, I’m trying to stay positive because I went to an Intro Class of Crossfit, and took my first Foundations class today.  I feel great–except for being sore, but that’s no biggie.  I’m used to that.  Just something you have to deal with when you’re working out hard. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how the diet and Crossfit will work in conjunction to change my body.  Kim (the head coach) there seems to think I’ll see results very quickly if I eat clean and do Crossfit at least 3x a week, which was my plan anyway. 

Again, I feel like the community aspect is the biggest reason I like Crossfit.  Other people, wanting to kill themselves if they have to, to get in shape and push the envelopes of what the human body can do.   And, they cheer you on when you’re struggling–which is always helpful. 

Anyway, I’m still 90% Paleo, just need to get back to 100%.  Bought some kale, zucchini and other veggies tonight to get me back on track.  It’s not falling down that makes you a failure, it’s not getting back up!


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