First mistake… No breakfast this morning.

Well, eating the Paleo lifestyle has been easy, but I do admit it does take preparation, and if you get off your routine even a little bit, it causes everything to go haywire. 

This morning I overslept by about 20 minutes, which eliminated time for me to prepare my breakfast.  Now I’m starving and really want to eat, but I’m at work and don’t have anything here.  On top of that, I usually prepare my lunch in the morning as well, but didn’t have time for that, so I’ll have to go out for lunch.  I guess I’ll just head to Ruby Tuesday’s where I can hit their salad bar and load up on veggies.  I think they have smoked turkey on the bar, too, so that should work. 

Note to self:  Be better prepared for situations like this

I am feeling great though and looking forward to preparing Curry Stuffed Peppers for dinner tonight.  🙂


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