Paleo Dinner# 7 – One week down…


Alright, day number 7 and I’m still going strong.  Smokey grilled chicken breast, braised garlic Cabbage & Zucchini with pine nuts, and Spiced baked sweet potato discs.  I am so full I couldn’t eat another bite if I wanted to. 

I do think that I’ve eaten a lot of calories today, but I’ve definitely stayed within the Paleo diet as far as content. 

I’ve done some researching about Crossfit, and I really want to get started almost immediately.  I have to go to an intro class next Saturday at 9am, so after I conquer that, then I can sign up and get started on M, W & F.  I’m excited.  Chris and I are planning on doing the Rugged Maniac obstacle next year, and then going to PrimalCon in California to meet Mark Sisson for a 3-day intensive retreat and then I’d like to drive up the California coast to Napa and have 3 days of nothing but pure romance.  It’s time for us to get fit and fall in love all over again!   I will weigh myself tomorrow, but I’m really going to try and not get obsessed about it.  I know if I keep eating the way I do, it will eventually come off.


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